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Zhejiang jianhua filter products

New product,new technology arena
Our company main product-anti-corrosion filter press,with a great variety of the products,max filtering area is 1195m2.Recently our company designing and exploiting huge type XZG high press membrane automatic filter press and polypropylene high press membrane new filter plate.Its strong point are high pressure,filtering Quickly,washing thoroughly and lower water rate of filter cake,etc.Their functions are same as the others advanced technology in the world,but their efficiency are the best than the same products in the world.

Our company main product have six strong point
1. Filter plate,filter frame use reinforced polypropylene material.once formaed by grinding and pressing.Its strong point are huge strength,light weight,strong resistance to corrosion: acid,alkali and salt,and non-toxicity,tasteless substance.

2. The automatically pull plate device is controlled by hydraulic system.Its strong point: move quickly,work is steady.

3.In order to support weight of filter plate and producing strong stress during filtration,complete machine frame use huge strength steel structure.

4. Using hydraulic device press and loose filter plate.Max.pressure is 31.5Mpa,and automatically pressure holded filter pressure gauge of electricity touching point to realize.

5.In order to firm forming filter cake the best condition to proceed pressing and filtration,recessed plate filter press max,work pressure 1.0Mpa;plate and flame filter press max,work pressure is 0.6Mpa.According to user's requirement,our company can produce all kinds of filter press,and over 1.0Mpa.

6.Easy to operate,and safe and save labour.Operator may operate the button on the controlling board to realize necessary action.In order to protect operator's safe,our electric appliances system install safe device.

Jian hua products
Type 800 recessed plate filter press
Type 920 recessed plate filter press
Type 1000 recessed plate filter press
Type 1250 recessed plate filter press
Type 1600 recessed plate filter press
Type 2000 recessed plate filter press
Type BS315 plate&frame filter press
Type BS420 plate&frame filter press
Type BJ650 plate&frame filter press
Type BS650 plate&frame filter press
Type BYJ650 plate&frame filter press
Type BYJ810 plate&frame filter press
Type BYJ870 plate&frame filter press
Type BYJ920 plate&frame filter press

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