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Zhejiang Jianhua Group Filter Press Co.,Ltd  is controlled stock by Zheijiang Jianhua Group Co., Ltd which is province grade enterprise.Zhejiang Jianhua Group Filter Pr.....

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Fliter work demo  
Jianhua Fliter will work stably and effciently.this is the fliter work demo.  
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Jianhua Filter  
Our company main product-anti-corrosion filter press,with a great variety of the products
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  Jianhua Group Filter press' honor  
  we have won much honor that make our group be the one of the best groups in China.and Jianhua group is famous in the world.such as ISO.  
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Jianhua Products
Type BYJ920 plate&frame filter press
Type BYJ870 plate&frame filter press
Type BYJ810 plate&frame filter press
Type BYJ650 plate&frame filter press
Type BS650 plate&frame filter press
Type BJ650 plate&frame filter press
Type BS420 plate&frame filter press
Type BS315 plate&frame filter press
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