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About Zhejiang Jianhua Group Filter Press Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Jianhua Group Filter Press Co.,Ltd  is controlled stock by Zheijiang Jianhua Group Co., Ltd which is province grade enterprise.Zhejiang Jianhua Group Filter Press Co.,Ltd is located in new founding Jianhua industrial park, with an area of 150 thousand square meters of land and 160 thousand square meters of total building area. Our sales department is in Jianhua Group company comprehensive building 2 Shenban Road Hangzhou city. Zhejiang Jianhua Group Filter Press Co.,Ltd is a committeeman of internal separator machinery, standardize technology committee, and also is a member of china nation current machinery, separator machinery trad association, and has won ISO 9001 certificate of quality system.

The company has complete rang equipment of producing and test & measures, strong ability producing, design and exploitation. At present, our main product which we design and produce ourselves jianhua brand filter press, with a great variety of the products, the product form filter area from 0.6m2-1190m2. Its strong point are good quality of filter plate, filter quickly, lower water rate of filter cake, washing thoroughly, steady function, operate easily, and sate and save labour, etc.

Our company quite value exploiting, studying and producing new product. Recently our company assimilated foreign advanced technique, design and exploit type XZG huge high pressure membrane new hang filter press and polypropylene high pressure membrane new filter plate. Their function and efficiency,are the best than the same product in world. They have created important conditions for us to raise enterprise grade and adapt to new market requirement.

With excellent quality of product, good service after selling,our company has won users enough affirmation during development for ten over ten years.Our product are widely used in chemical industry,nonferrous smelt,washing coal,ceramics,building material,pharmacy,foods and environment protection,etc.Our products good sell 30 over provinces..At present,our company is trying hard to exploit and study endure high temperature ,high pressure,high automatin and advanced technical filter press.At the same time,our company is adding technology investment,raising ability of enterprise management,working hard to expand and develop and exploit new product andnew field,in oreder to make complete basic quality of our company clamber up a new step

Aim of our company: The first quality,the first users.
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